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The boss's daughters:

red_ball.gif - 950 BytesAllison Jill Posner. Web site.

grn_ball.gif - 969 BytesDr. Meredith Posner Schuh, MD
Meredith graduated with highest honors from the International Baccalaureate program at Vanguard High School Ocala, Florida. In September 2004, Meredith entered Tufts University, Boston, MA as a freshman majoring in Chemistry. In her sophomore year, for outstanding academic achievement, Meredith was awarded early entry into the Tufts Medical School BA/MD program as part of the class of 2012. Meredith graduated Suma Cum Laude in May 2008 and entered medical school. Receiving her MD degree in May 2012, Dr. Posner began her residency in Pediatric Medicine. Her choice of Pediatric Medicine is influenced by her lasting friendship with Sally as described in the publication "Sally and Me." Today, Meredith is Board Certified in Pediatric Medicine and is a fellow in Nephrology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

The boss's sons:

red_ball.gif - 950 BytesDr. Jonathan D. Posner. Bryan T. McMinn Endowed Associate Professor University of Washington.

grn_ball.gif - 969 BytesDr. Donny A. Posner
The boss's eldest son, Donny, is a Acupuncturist. Donny is an expert with Herbal remedies and has considerable expertise with chronic illness. Donny has become a successful entrepreneur having established several companies.

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