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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Fox Broadcasting Co. announced that it has contracted with Antennas for Communications (AFC) of Ocala, Fla. to provide satellite earth station equipment for Fox affiliates in the United States. Under the terms of the multimillion dollar agreement, AFC will manufacture and install advanced state-of- the-art satellite antenna systems that have the unique capability of looking at multiple satellites simultaneously. Completion of the project is expected by Spring 1996.

"Fox is preparing its affiliates' satellite reception equipment for the broadcasting demands of the 21st century," said Andrew G. Setos, Fox senior vice president. "Fox wants the ability to distribute several parallel programs simultaneously. No one spacecraft had adequate capacity for Fox, nor would it be prudent to place all traffic on one spacecraft. With affiliate real-estate at a premium, collocating several antennas would be difficult to impossible."

Paul F. Beeman, vice president, Satellite Engineering, noted that "the answer was a single antenna with multi-satellite capability. We conducted comprehensive performance tests at all the major satellite antenna manufacturers. The results were striking. Satellite antennas can be made to work with several satellites and can still receive high quality broadcast video and audio. And AFC's quality and performance tests were unequaled."

In support of the Fox contract, AFC intends to subcontract installation services to another Florida company, FSIS of Longwood.

Antennas for Communications manufactures satellite and terrestrial antennas, radomes, microwave and waveguide components, Tallguide® ultra low loss waveguide transmission lines, antenna feeds and custom shelters for the broadcast, communications, cable, radar, weather and government industry worldwide. FSIS installs, services and maintains antenna systems throughout the United States.

/CONTACT: Dr. Ron S. Posner of Antenna for Communications, 352-687-4121; or Mark Kern of Fox, 310-369-4733/

CO: Fox Broadcasting Co.; Antennas for Communications

Transmitted: 95-04-11 00:00:00 EDT

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