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Specifically Designed for 4.5 to 9 Meter Antennas

MSF 4-Satellite System.
    AFC's Multiple Satellite Feed System (MSF) series provides an economical alternative to installing multiple antennas for simultaneous reception of up to seven adjacent 2 degree satellites. With the addition of two new satellites, there are now 5 "birds" at 2 degree spacing.

AFC's MSF systems are designed specifically for the intended size and manufacturers type antenna. With the Multi-Sat feed extension, existing AFC MSF users can upgrade their feed to receive high quality 2 degree signals. The MSF feed extensions are free of any spurious effects and preserve polarization purity and antenna pattern.

Installation of a new MSF system requires the replacement of the spars and brackets of the feed support hardware. The feed extension upgrade comes furnished with all necessary gaskets and hardware to make for a durable, weather-tight installation. The MSF system provides isolation between beams better than 20 dB with a loss of only about 0.25 dB at 2 degrees and 0.75 dB at 4 degrees. Cross- polar discrimination is typically better than 18 dB.

Multi-Sat Feed Features
  • Simultaneous receives up to seven 2-degree satellites on one antenna.
  • Antennas may be easily be retrofitted in the field.
  • Can be expanded economically.
  • Available for 4.5 to 9 meter satellite dish antennas. Such as:
    • SA 4.5, 4.6, 5, 7; Andrew 4.5, 4.6,5,7,9; Harris 6.1, 9
    • Microdyne 5, 7; AFC 5, 7; Anixter 5; Comtech 4.5, 5; Prodelin 4.5, 5

MSF Gain vs. Scan Angle MSF Gain Vs. Scan Angle.9 Meter 4 Satellite MSF System 9 Meter 4 Satellite MSF System. 5 Meter 3 Satellite MSF System 5 Meter 3 Satellite MSF System.

MSF Gain Vs. Scan Angle 9 Meter 4 Satellite
MSF System
5 Meter 3 Satellite
MSF System
MSF Gain Vs. Scan Angle. 9 Meter 4 Satellite MSF System. 5 Meter 3 Satellite MSF System.

Ordering Information
MSF-16/x Ring, bridge and strut hardware---5M Class.
x is the antenna type with focal length under 75 inches.
Example MSF-16/SA4.5, MSF-16/AFC5, MSF-16/Andrew 4.5.
MSF-23/x Ring, bridge and strut hardware---7M Class.
x is the antenna type with focal length between 75 and 85 inches.
Example MSF-23/AFC7, MSF-23/Harris 6.1, MSF-23/Anixter 5.
MSF-25/x Ring, bridge and strut hardware---7/8M Class.
x is the antenna type with focal length between 85 and 95 inches.
Example MSF-25/Andrew 7.
MSF-29/x Ring, bridge and strut hardware---9M Class.
x is the antenna type with focal length between 95 and 128 inches.
Example MSF-29/Andrew 9, MSF-29/Harris 9.
MSF-EXT/OMT Multi-Sat feed extension with dual pol orthomode coupler.
One required per satellite. Dual pol orthomode coupler is used
to separate the vertical and horizontal transponders.
MSF-COV LNA/LNB weather cover kit.
MSF-CAS Cassegrain hole cover plate

AFC manufactures, markets and sells worldwide satellite dish antennas, conical horn antennas, radomes, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components, ultra low loss waveguide transmission line Tallguide , and shelters. Our customers serve the broadcast, communications, radar, weather and cable industry, defense, government, and government agencies worldwide.

For more multi-satellite technical information on the theory, application, installation and test results, see Multi-satellite feed system for 2-degree satellite spacing reprinted from the April 1992 CED Magazine. For multi-satellite information on your specific antenna system, contact your AFC sales representative at A complete Internet WWW AFC document index may be found in Antennas for Communications (AFC) Home Page Document Summary List.

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